Perspectives for sustainable Peace in Europe

Dear Readers,

as you know, I attended a meeting on 15th September 2017 at the United Nations in Vienna which dealt with topics such as refugees, sustainable peace in the European continent and the Euro-Asia route.

At the beginning of the meeting, the some guests discussed in a superficial way the theme of world peace and in Europe. The tensions in Europe with the proportion of refugees and population were one of the topics addressed. The UNDC (United Nations against Drugs and Crimes) has a proposal in partnership with governments until 2020 for an action that protects and assures the human right of each one.

But not only in Europe do we have this scenario of immigrants. We had examples of this scenario in Mexico, where many immigrants go through the same difficulties, hostilities and discrimination in Mexico. These immigrants are Guatemalans, Hondurans, Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans ... who try to enter the United States through coyotes, and who are often abandoned at the border without food, water or any form of sustenance. In Mexico there is an organization that tries to reverse this situation (lamentable) by helping them with visas, work and social inclusion.

At the end of the second session, it was mentioned that "peace is not the only solution, but one of the priorities to be focused. Accessibility to education, doctors and social programs are one of the points to be addressed." Opportunity and help to women is a way of encouraging them and inserting them into her/their society.

The actions of rulers are very broad in the various areas of a society, and they have direct or indirect actions at the national and international levels (remembering that, we are here quoting the words of an Austrian politician).

In any case, the meeting itself was very productive, objective and current. I hope to be able to share with you even more content and always spend a little bit of my life.

Priscila Damacena Glaser