Travel Tips for Europe

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As promised today's post will be in English. Today's topic is going to be Travel. Who doesn't like to travel!? I love it! :)

Budapest, Hungary

The first (and most recent) city I visited was Budapest in Hungary. The journey from Vienna to Budapest takes only 2 hours by bus or train. When arriving in Hungary it's a good idea to make a money withdrawal, because they do not use Euros.
Apart from the most famous tourist spots, I went to the central market, where I could get a meal for 15 HUF (1 portion served 2 persons).
We then strolled alongside the hungarian parliament, sat on the riverbank at the danube, saw a little bit of the old city, and went to the New York Café. This Cafe is simply georgeous and super stylish. I recommend it!
For 1 weekend (from Saturday to Sunday), I spent 250 euros (inclusive hotel). I think that is ok for a small trip!

Bratislava, Slovakia

In Bratislava you can do almost everything. From bachelor parties to birthday parties ... the city has a lot of options for parties and celebrations. In Bratislava I stayed at the Carlton Hotel, which is located exactly in the city center. The trip takes 1 hour by car from Vienna. For the weekend I spent not more than 150 Euros, so I really recommend this city for a short trip outside Vienna.

Salzburg, Austria

What can I say about Salzburg?!? I lived there for 2 years, and the city is in my heart. Known as the city of Amadeus Mozart, the city receives thousands of tourists each year, and it is almost impossible not to fall in love with the city.
The city offers great restaurants, good options for excursions by bus, a great option for a boat trip on the Salzach river, and the most famous Fortress Festung Hohensalzburg where bishops, kings and rulers of the city of Salzburg once have lived. Salzburg is a must visit city in Austria. From Vienna the trip takes around 3 hours by car or train.

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